September 26, 2023

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The glossy magazine Spain ESPANJE!  Now with a discount of 10 euros Spain today

The glossy magazine Spain ESPANJE! Now with a discount of 10 euros Spain today

Many Spain fans will appreciate the specialized Spanish magazine ESPANJE! You probably already know. With ESPANJE! Four times a year you get hundreds of pages of tips for discovering the beautiful country on and behind the gorgeous sunny beaches and famous sights.

Each edition contains beautiful travel stories with insider tips off the beaten path such as camper trips, road trips, train trips, city trips, and hiking and biking vacations. Plus, you’ll find everything to suit the Spanish lifestyle, from galleries, movies, CDs and books to directions, information on buying or renting a home in Spain and delicious recipes. With summaries and Spanish tips from our language experts, you can also learn a word or improve your Spanish.

Discount 1: Offer for SpainToday readers

Do you want ESPANJE! Already delivered this week and 10€ off the retail price? click here for private viewing. Take the chance!!

You will receive five editions For 24.95 euros instead of 34.95 euros† With a subscription, you get free access to the online editions anytime, anywhere, so you can also read them on your tablet or computer. You are not restricted to anything. It’s always easy to unsubscribe.

DISCOUNT 2: GIVE ESPANJE! Gift with a discount of 15 euros

Do you want ESPANJE! give as a gift? This is also possible. Pay only €39.95 for eight editions. this 15 euro discount on retail price. Subscription starts from the next release and ends automatically. click here for this wonderful offer.

Discount 3: More discount with ESPANJE! area package

Planning to go to Spain this summer and want to read more about your destination? With special area packages from ESPANJE! Learn more about the regions of Catalonia, the Costa Blanca, Madrid, Andalusia or northern Spain. For 18 euros, you will receive the package within three working days.

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As a loyal reader of SpainToday, you will receive Edition 1 of 2022 from ESPANJE this week (from May 30 to June 5 inclusive)! Completely free. These are five editions Only 18 euros instead of the retail price of 34.95 euros ¡OLE!. click here Request packages right away. *

* As long as the supplies remain. If an issue is sold out, you’ll receive an up-to-date issue on the same topic.

Spain! reading outside

You can also read your favorite magazine in Spain and Belgium, and rank them over here † Special conditions apply to this:

  • You cannot choose to subscribe to a welcome gift or discount
  • It may take longer to deliver the paper copy
  • You will receive the digital copy immediately
  • You can pay by direct debit, even if you have a Spanish bank account
  • We charge an additional fee of €10 for shipping

Spain! Travel & Culture is a glossy Dutch-language magazine about Spain and the Spanish-speaking world that appears four times a year in the Netherlands and Belgium. Spain! Is a high-quality newspaper magazine with inspiring travel reports, beautiful interviews, great columns, delicious recipes and hundreds of tips for Spain lovers. Read more information on the website