July 16, 2024

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The “godfather of Flemish cuisine” has his own Deauville (Penenland)

The “godfather of Flemish cuisine” has his own Deauville (Penenland)

Three-star Chef Peter Goossens presented Duvel x Hof van Cleve on Monday evening. Limited specialty beer the result of a dinner between Goossens and a brewer at Duvel-Moortgat.

“The idea to make our own beer came out on that table,” Goossens says. “I have been bothered for years by the fact that every weekend here in Belgium there is some kind of cheese evening organized by Vogelpik or football or I know any association in which people drink bad wine. While we have plenty of good beers that go well with cheese. Beer which is often cheaper than this wine, but since the French tourist office here in the 70’s was so much pressure on cheese and wine, we all came to think we should drink that with cheese.When I told the brewer about this inconvenience, the idea for this beer came up My sommelier Tom Even worked with him. The result is a dark brown beer with a temperature of 10.8 degrees. There are two thousand bottles of 75cl that will be served at the Stadsbrouwerij De Koninck and with us at the Hof van Cleve. So it is a limited edition that will not be available in stores.”

Will more ever be made? First see how this works.


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