September 22, 2023

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The grand opening day of "Spider-Man No Way Home": suitable for 40,000 Belgian visitors |  Movie

The grand opening day of “Spider-Man No Way Home”: suitable for 40,000 Belgian visitors | Movie

MovieWe’ve known for some time that “Spider-Man No Way Home” was a hit in the US, but the movie is also doing well in our country. With nearly 40,000 Belgian visitors on December 15, the print edition also had the best opening day of 2021.

The Spider-Man No Way Home delivers the best performance from the James Bond films No Time To Die and Fast & Furious 9. Thanks to the film’s successful debut, the feature film can take the third place in the top three of Marvel’s best slots. Only Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man 3 do better.


The film previously set a Belgian pre-sale record since the start of the pandemic. The announcement of the latest “Spider-Man” movie has already caused a real stampede in Kinnepolis. More than 20,000 Belgian film fans have bought their seats in a cinema in advance. This makes the latest Marvel movie double the quality of its previous pre-sale record. “To meet the increased demand, Kinepolis has decided to re-run the late-night shows from December 17th. This way everyone will have the opportunity to see the movie.”

The Flemish also follows the global trend, because sales of pre-‘Spider-Man’ are doing well everywhere. In American cinemas, the demand for tickets in advance is so great that the shows for the first weeks of filming are completely sold out. In addition, tickets are sold online for usurious amounts of up to 25,000 US dollars (about 22,000 euros).

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