June 10, 2023

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The grand prize for remaking the ‘clan’ and passionate Kate Winslet: These were the BAFTAs | television

televisionIt was a passionate night for Kate Winslet (47) at the BAFTA Television Awards. The American actress won the British Television Award for her leading role in I Am Ruth. Something that clearly struck a chord with Winslet, who can be seen on the series with her daughter. There was also good news for “Bad Sisters,” a remake of “The Clan.” The series won Best Drama Series, beating out some of the BBC’s best series such as The Responder.

Apparently American actress Kate Winslet was taken aback when her name was called, as the “Titanic” star immediately burst into tears. And also Mia Threapleton, the 22-year-old daughter of the world star, could not contain her feelings. When she wanted to congratulate her mother on the good news, she, too, started crying almost immediately. “Thank you very much,” that sounded the most emotional speech of the actress. “It means a lot, because it means that small British television can also make an impact.”

Winslet also paid tribute to Dominic Savage, the director of I Am Ruth. “That’s all your merits. You approach these stories in a subtle way. Something that is not only brave, but important as well.” In conclusion, the American also addressed her daughter. “If I could split this award in half, I would give the other half to my daughter, Mia Threapleton.”

Bad sisters

In addition to Kate Winslet, Ben Whishaw has also won awards. He won the first prize for his role in the movie This Is Going to Hurt. The award for best drama series went to “Bad Sisters,” the remake of the “Clan.” The series beat many BBC hits like The Responder, Sherwood and Somewhere Boy too. Anne-Marie Duff won in the Best Supporting Actress category. On the other hand, Peter Anderson Studio was the winner for Best Titles and Graphical Identity.

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