February 5, 2023

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The gray power of Eneco's Dutch business clients is over

The gray power of Eneco’s Dutch business clients is over

Effective August 8, Eneco will only provide green electricity to new business customers or existing customers who wish to extend their contract. Thus business customers who want gray energy (energy from non-renewable sources) can no longer get it from the energy supplier. Existing business customers who still use gray electricity are being consulted on how to switch to green electricity as quickly as possible. Consumers and small business users have enjoyed Eneco’s green energy since 2011.

The decision was made with the expectation that by 2026 all Dutch business customers will switch to green energy, four years earlier than the target introduced the previous year. One Planet Plan. He. She Eneco One Planet Plan The company is focused on making the company climate neutral and energy consumption for its customers by 2035.

The commercial customers to be contracted from now on will be supplied with European wind, Dutch wind or Dutch solar products. It is now clear that the social added value of these products exceeds the limited additional cost, according to Eneco.


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