March 25, 2023

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“The Greatest Dancer” burps backwards

The long-awaited “Glossy Floor Show”, which, among other things, was supposed to lure young people back to VRT, is struggling in the rating columns. The third episode only managed to attract 520,000 viewers on Saturday.

He. She VRT News at 7 p.m. (803.268), fc champions?(631,671), showing the reality of the new family dynasty vermirose (566,079) and up VTM News 19:00 (545,685): No fewer than four programs have recorded viewership of more than The greatest dancer on me. No more than 520,000 people watched VRT’s flashy dance show on Saturday night. However, the show was marketed by the broadcaster as one of the pioneers of the new cycle that VRT would follow under CEO Frederic Delaplace. It was announced a year and a half ago that VRT had to entertain again. According to Delaplace and Content Director Ricus Jansegers, VRT had not invested enough in previous years in genres such as uncomplicated entertainment, so the public broadcaster looked for a music program to encourage “interrupted groups” – read: youth – back off.

Premiere of a movie The greatest dancer February 4 managed to pull in 640,000 viewers, and that number actually dropped to 566,000 viewers last week. Last week, that audience with all delayed viewers grew to just over 700,000 viewers. But that puts the musical show in 16th place among the top twenty most-watched TV shows last week.

VRT opens the door to more intermediate language

However, it is not so that the Fleming had enough of broad family entertainment, because tThe Masked Singer He continues to score extremely high peaks on the VTM. The third episode was watched by 1.2 million people on Friday night, though people on social media were a little angry about the reveal of the week. Timmy Simmons turns out to be the guy in the “High Light” suit. Although, on Twitter, it doesn’t ring a bell (anymore) with many people. Last week’s episode, which revealed Mark Cook to be Colonel Mobbs, has now been watched by 1.8 million people. These are numbers that were impressive at a time when people were not yet watching television on a large scale.

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Also a much discussed documentary series He. She story Flanders, in which the Industrial Revolution and the colonization of the Congo were discussed on Sunday, is still doing quite well. Tom Waes and his re-enactment drew 1.1 million spectators. The previous episode with all delayed viewers scored 1.5 million.