October 7, 2022

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The 'Halo' series will be completely separate from the games

The ‘Halo’ series will be completely separate from the games

Halo makes its own canon, we’re now hearing from the makers of the Paramount+ series.

From HelloThe franchise is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year. This of course makes it so nice that we’re going to get a TV series. The highly anticipated show will be at Paramount+ next year, but it appears to be building its own canon that will be completely separate from the games.

Kiki Wolffkill, Head of Transmedia at 343 explained in a video interview that HelloThe series follows a different timeline than the games.

“We have some context and perspective that is different from the stories we’ve already tested or been able to read in games. We call this the Halo Silver Timeline, to distinguish it from the core canon,” Wolfkill started.

“This way we protect the essence of the law and the story on TV. By that I also mean that we give ourselves the opportunity to allow both to develop and be as they should be for their media, without bumping into each other.”

The series has a summary: “Earth’s most advanced warrior of the twenty-sixth century is the only hope for the salvation of civilization, which has been driven to extinction by covenant. This is an unstoppable alliance of other worlds bent on eliminating humanity.” “

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