February 5, 2023

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The hay fever season has begun due to the mild winter Instagram VTM News

The weather is currently still mild, which means that more and more alders and hazelnuts will flourish. Today’s maximum fluctuated between 7 degrees high in the Ardennes and 11 degrees in the west, RMI predicts.

According to Meteovista, next week the temperature will be about 8 degrees in the afternoon and about 5 degrees at night. The weather platform confirms that it’s warm this time of year. In a normal January, the temperature fluctuates around 6 degrees during the day and gets close to freezing at night.

Because of the mild weather, Meteovista warns, plants that respond to higher temperatures will develop faster. If the end of January or February still brings cold winter weather, the pollen nuisance may decrease temporarily.

Because of the clouds, winds, and periods of precipitation, winter currently looks like autumn. The areas of rain that pass through our country benefit people who are allergic to alder and hazel pollen, because the rain cleans the air. However, if it stays dry (for part of) the day and the wind is blowing alder and hazel in the air, they may have problems.

More people are allergic to birch pollen. These trees flower mainly in April, but the flowering period can begin earlier when February and March are mild. This is followed by the season of grass pollen, which also causes complaints in many people.

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