March 28, 2023

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The HomePod is great, but don’t put it on your wood table

Apple’s first HomePod had a nasty habit of leaving weird white rings on certain wooden tables. This is due to the smart speaker’s silicone feet, which should help dampen vibrations. A new version of this product is now available; Is this acceptable?

What was that again? Well, in 2018, HomePod owners quickly discovered that those feet left white rings on some wood surfaces. This has to do with the chemical reaction that takes place between the silicone base and the type of wood the vibrations in Subwoofer.

Don’t put HomePod on your wooden table

Fortunately, this problem does not occur with the mini variant, but what about the HomePod that will be released this year? The first reviews show that this phenomenon has stood the test of time. So if you are worried about those white rings, please don’t put them on a wooden table or dresser.

apple home pod
pod (photo: Apple)

Apple even has one here support document Dedicated to explaining what users can do about it. The white rings – if all goes well – should disappear after a few days. If not, you should clean the cabinet, shelf, or table thoroughly and keep the HomePod away from it.

Put that speaker somewhere else

To prevent this from becoming a weekly ritual, it’s best to put the HomePod in a different location. Apple doesn’t prohibit you from placing the speaker on wooden surfaces. But then you need to take into account that you are cleaning regularly. It’s just how you feel.

Unfortunately, Apple offers no tips for an alternative location. If you only have wood surfaces in your home, you may be able to leave a rag or coaster on. Anyway, that extra layer can have an impact on the sound quality, and of course you don’t want that. Saab, Saab. Maybe a standard or a wall mount?

Your iPhone says about the future: “Stop working with greaves, friend”

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