March 28, 2023

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The housing association Weststellingwerf is looking for a building space. “We’re going to be experimenting with sustainability this fall”

For Weststellingwerf Housing, the coming years will be dominated by, among other things, making existing rental homes more sustainable. He must secure his building on the Keiweg, too.

“Roofs are being replaced, the roof is insulated optimally, and solar panels are being installed,” says Sake Lageveen director. Tenants can find out what sustainable measures the housing association has in store for them during an open house next Saturday. Workshops, energy testing, glitter tattoos, and other activities are on the program as well.

The second challenge facing the housing association in the coming years is the search for space for new social housing. “On the one hand, there is more demand for such homes, in part because owner-occupied homes are becoming less accessible to more people,” says Saki Laggeven, director of housing foundation Weststellingwerf. “On the other hand, home construction costs are very high at the moment.” In addition, the area allotted for the construction of new houses is not entirely suitable.

new construction

The Housing Association is currently looking at two options for building new homes for rent in Wolfegg. First, the possibility of building a courtyard with ten to twelve rented houses for the elderly is studied in the Lindewijk II plan. The Housing Association has also focused on the former Caparis site. This is the vacant lot between Pieterslaan, Keiweg, Merelstraat and Leeuwerikstraat in Wolvega, formerly leased by Caparis. “These plans are still at a very early stage,” Lagvin explains. But if homes are to be built there, we’re the logical party. If it persists, we will have to be creative with the space available. It is a fenced plot of land with only one small entrance. You can’t just make a street there.”

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an experience

Usually, the Weststellingwerf housing association organizes an open house once every 5 years. The last open house was in 2015. Due to Corona measures, it was not possible to organize the event in 2020 and 2021. Next Saturday, the housing association can finally open its doors again. This version of the open house focuses on an experiment in the Martini district of Wolfgah to make homes carbon-free and natural gas-free. On average, Housing Association homes have a B energy rating. “That’s average,” Lagvin explains. “So there are also homes with a lower quality rating and, in fact, better energy power.”

In the Martini neighborhood, the Housing Association will test sustainability in five homes. “We do this with the permission of the residents,” Lagvin says. We are experimenting with things with a few terraced houses and a few corner houses, two or three stories high. This mainly concerns the replacement of the central heating boiler with a special heat pump, with a variety of interventions around it. Feenstra Heating is implementing this housing association pilot model. It will start this fall. Over the next winter, we’ll then look at how these different variants of solutions might turn out. The shape that looks best from all angles can then be used to make more homes more sustainable.”

look and do

During the open house, there is more for visitors to see and do. You can view the housing association’s new building plans. You can see what the heat pump looks like and try the thermal imaging camera. On Saturday, it is also possible to try how the house is made in the factory in 3D. Visitors to the open house can also take part in a tiling or brickwork workshop. You can take a green screen photo or a cartoon of yourself. Kids can get glitter tattoo. There are prizes that can be won during the energy test. “We think it’s important to keep an open house,” explains Sake Lageveen. “For the commitment between us and our tenants. To show that we really mean it with our tenants. We welcome all interested. Coffee or tea with something delicious ready.”

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The open house of housing association Weststellingwerf is located next Saturday, October 8 from 10am to 3pm at Keiweg 14 in Wolvega.

Housing Association Weststellingwerf

Housing Corporation Weststellingwerf rents and maintains approximately 2,650 homes, spread over 15 villages, all in the municipality of Weststellingwerf. The majority of home ownership is located in Wolvega (about 1,950 homes) and Noordwolde (more than 550 homes).