December 4, 2022

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The Iconic iPhone Feature That's About to Disappear (and More)

The Iconic iPhone Feature That’s About to Disappear (and More)

If there’s usually a lot of rumors about one company, it’s Apple. Whether it’s the upcoming iPhone, the new MacBook, or the products of the future: the aisles are full of new information. Likewise over the past few weeks.

Those weeks are over The far-Event Too quiet about something else. We’ve seen the rumors, but haven’t dealt with them much due to the many official information. Latest version From grain of salt So it was a while ago. That’s why we’ve listed five of the biggest rumors of recent times for you.

#1 Premium iPhone feature is gone forever

iPhone 14 Pro review
(Photo: Mark Hoffman/OMT)

At the beginning of this week, a message appeared that the iPhone’s premium functionality would disappear. per week employmentHe said – Newsletter Bloomberg– Journalist Mark Gorman that. According to its sources, Apple is abandoning Touch ID and Face ID is becoming the standard for more consumers.

This year, Apple sold the iPhone SE (2022) which had the functions. By this message, it also appears that a redesign of this phone has been addressed. So consumers who only have older models will still have them. It is rumored that new models completely abandon the unlocking method.

iPhone’s premium functions may never come back

#2 New iPad and Mac models without event

MacBook Air M2
(Photo: Mark Hoffman/OMT)

There is a good chance that Apple will introduce new products in October. The arrival of new iPad and Mac models is almost certain, but how they will be introduced is not yet known. In the week of September 26, a message appeared, again from Mark Gorman, that Apple had doubts about an event.

The US company is likely to announce the products in the form of press releases.

New iPad and Mac models in October, but no Apple event?

#3 iOS 16 only works for your iPhone from 2023

iPhone 14 Pro review
(Photo: Mark Hoffman/OMT)

There are a lot of features that came out on the iPhone with the launch of iOS 16. Unfortunately, there are also Enough to wait. One of these functions is Apple Pay Later. It was introduced at WWDC 2022, but is still not on the market.

But that won’t change in 2022. Mark Gorman expects Apple to postpone the payment method until 2023.

An iOS 16 feature that probably won’t appear until 2023

#4 Apple is working on a small 27-inch LED display

Apple mini LED for everyone
This raises questions. (Photo: Apple)

Ross Young, CEO of Supply Chain Consultants OfferMake sure you have access to 27-inch Mini-LED screens. It is said that Apple is already busy preparing displays for consumers.

What exactly are these products and what are they now? Jeroen did research and explained it to you in the article below:

Apple comes with tiny 27-inch LED screens, but what’s their purpose?

#5 iPhone 15 comes after the Apple Watch Ultra

iPhone 14 Pro
Pro . models (Photo: Mark Hoffman/OMT)

If we’re to believe the rumors, the Pro Max model of the iPhone is gone. The larger model is likely to follow the Apple Watch Ultra next year and will be given the name Ultra.

However, the question is what exactly this means for the smartphone. Is it just a name change or is there more?

iPhone 15 comes after Apple Watch: the end of the Pro Max?

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