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The increasingly stringent figures for the time trial phenomenon Wout van Aert, “Mr. 33%” among the largest |  Paris Nice

The increasingly stringent figures for the time trial phenomenon Wout van Aert, “Mr. 33%” among the largest | Paris Nice

The numbers for the Wout van Aert report are getting even more impressive. The time-testing phenomenon posted its seventh victory in 21 singles races against the clock today. With such an impressive average, Wout van Aert is among the greatest.

7 wins in 21 times

Mr. 33.33%. Wout van Aert has won no less than 7 of the 21 times he has participated in. Surprisingly, he took his first win at the front of the Baloise Belgium Tour in 2016 by defeating world champion Tony Martin.

Then it took three years for another victory. It worked: Dauphiné’s time trial win. After that, the pistol was the fastest against the clock on the Tour, twice in the Belgian Championship, once at Tirreno-Adriatico and now in Paris-Nice.

For 5 consecutive years in the top ten

After a period of trial, Wout van Aert always appears on TV in the daily score. The Belgian didn’t finish in the top ten barely five times. In his first time trial as an 18-year-old snotty Baloise Belgium Tour: 83rd place – instantly his worst final standings ever.

Two and four years later, Van Aert also finished 16th and 14th on the same tour – with 32nd on the ZLM Tour in between. He has also been consistently in the top ten for the past five years.

With one unfortunate exception: that dramatic 2019 Tour experience, where Van Aert did not make it to the finish line due to a fall and suffered a serious injury.

Van Aert during a trial period in Baloise Belgium.

Only two with a better winning percentage

How Punishment 33.3% now? Well, very punishing. If we look at all the riders who have ever won a WorldTour time trial, only two names do better. Fabian Cancellara (38.1%) and Filippo Ganna (37.5%) can offload with a better average profit.

Other toppers such as Tony Martin (31.7%), Primus Roglic (30.2%) and Rohan Dennis (26.6%) had lower scores.

runner win rate Profit/time trials
Fabian Cancellara 38.1% 59 out of 155
Filippo Jana 37.5% 18 in 48
Wout van Aert 33.3% 7 of 21
Tony Martin 31.7% 52 in 164
Primoz roglici 30.2% 16 out of 53
Rohan Dennis 26.6% 25 out of 94
Adriano Mallory 25.3% 20 of 79
Stephen Kong 23.7% 18 in 76
Tom Dumoulin 20.9% 19 out of 91
Taylor Finney 20.3% 12 in 59

His defeat in the World Trial Championships costs Van Aert a better win percentage than Jana.

Often knocked down by Yves Lambert

Nobody is unbeatable – not Wute Van Aert. In the past, the champion of time had to give up a few times in duels against the clock. As it turns out: Yves Lambert finished most often against Van Aert (6 times). Stefan Kung (5 times) also knows how to defeat the Belgian. Jos van Emden, Filippo Jana and Tom Dumoulin (4 times) too.

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