October 3, 2023

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The inventor of chicken nuggets lost millions

The inventor of chicken nuggets lost millions

Becker conducted countless experiments, and finally nailed the correct method.

The scientist added vinegar and powdered milk to the minced chicken, dipped the meat in a mixture of eggs and flour and fried it in a frying pan.

This produced crispy fried chicken nuggets, and Baker enthusiastically coined the term Crispy chicken.

However, he did not apply for a patent for his new method. On the contrary, the academician decided to share his vision with the world and sent the recipe to hundreds of companies working with poultry.

The inventor gained nothing from it

McDonald’s was one of the companies that was very happy to use the Baker method.

In 1979, chicken nuggets appeared on the menu there, which greatly contributed to the popularity of this snack.

The company struck gold on its chicken nuggets, and an estimated 37 million chicken nuggets are still sold each day.

Baker didn’t make any money on his invention, but he didn’t care. He even made about 40 other inventions for the poultry industry.

Baker was also the brains behind turkey bacon, turkey bacon, chicken sausage, and a chicken paring machine, among other things.

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