July 16, 2024

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The ‘Iron General’ Reveals a Secret Strategy Ukraine Used to Expel and ‘Bleed’ The Russians Out |  Ukraine and Russia war

The ‘Iron General’ Reveals a Secret Strategy Ukraine Used to Expel and ‘Bleed’ The Russians Out | Ukraine and Russia war

In a rare interview, the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army revealed the tactics used by Ukraine to repel the Russian army after its invasion last February. According to the “iron general” Valery Zaluzhny, there was only one option.

look. In this excerpt, the general tells how Ukraine “bleeded the Russians”

Zaluzhnyj lifted a corner of the veil on the Ukrainian TV show “СВІТ НАВИВОРІТ” (literally: “the world inside out”) by journalist and documentary producer Dmytro Komarov. From the beginning of the war, the general spoke only to two posts, and then only in writing. But after a year of persistence, Komarov managed to persuade him to give a television interview.

In that interview, Zalogny shared information that has been kept secret until now. Among other things, about how the Ukrainian army managed to move troops and materiel unnoticed and thanks to what decisions and processes Ukraine managed to bypass during the crushing first weeks after the invasion.

Air Defense

According to the general, Ukraine was thoroughly preparing for the invasion of the Russians, who had been threatening for some time. The army units moved and followed the field exercises, and this led to a review of the air defense deployment. “As a result, we can still count on it today,” said Zalogny.

About how the Ukrainian army managed to transfer people and resources without anyone seeing, the general could not say much: “classified information.” But he revealed that it happened at night.

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look. Video shows a Russian helicopter exploding and crashing near the Ukrainian border

On February 24 of last year, the Russians actually invaded. “Our preparations led us to believe that we had only one realistic option to strike back. And that was to inflict as many losses as possible on the enemy—who was larger and stronger than us—in the shortest possible time.” “To destroy the enemy so that they refuse to advance further. And it has succeeded.”

Then Ukraine attacked Russian columns on the roads and cities as they waited for fuel. At the same time, they beat the Russian logistics in the rear of those columns.

Zalognezh with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in the summer of last year. © Zuma Press

The Iron General also lowered his shield when talking about the losses he personally had to deal with during the war. He said, “I am a human being with feelings, just like everyone else.” “It’s not that I don’t show the pain because it’s not there. Once in a while I go through my contacts on my phone and see the names of people who are no longer here. I don’t have the courage to erase them. It may come, but I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. They will always be with me,” In my head and in my heart.”

He mourned

I even cried once. He says: “I helped a mother look for her son. He was a helicopter pilot and flew to Mariupol. All the time I was in contact with her, I had hope that he was still alive and that everything was fine. I was even told that he had sadly died.” , and I had to tell his mother. He was a normal boy, a patriot.

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