July 21, 2024

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The ISS dispute between Russia and the US appears to have been resolved

The ISS dispute between Russia and the US appears to have been resolved

Since starting the war in Ukraine, Russia has caused a lot of unrest both inside and outside the earth. For example, the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos He has already broadcast his threats around the ISS several times. The normally quiet NASA went as far as to address Roscosmos when it displayed a flag on the ISS associated with the war. But now there seems to be no taint in the air: the two space superpowers have reached an agreement.

Space fight

NASA and Roscosmos have agreed to launch space flights to the International Space Station. It makes it possible to fly Russian and American cosmonauts, regardless of which system organizes the transport. Roscosmos is positive: “This agreement benefits both Russia and the United States. It highlights the development of cooperation within the ISS.

A positive note at a time when tensions are rising on the ISS. Last week, the Russians on the ISS displayed a flag associated with the war against Ukraine, and NASA didn’t let it go unnoticed. It issued a statement condemning this action by the Russians. The Russians have been a little concerned about the other astronauts on the ISS for months because Roscosmos believes that the sanctions imposed on Russia by various countries are not right.

Threats from Roscosmos

It said: “Sanctions are the death of the Russian economy and the desperation and hunger of our people. Everyone should bring our country to its knees. While Roscosmos was convinced that the countries had not won, the message was clear, Roscosmos said at the time. Those bold words are only the tip of the iceberg.

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However, the appointment of a new CEO at Roscosmos may have provided a breath of fresh air. Dmitry Rogozin had to leave Putin. The rather outspoken man and nationalist has said many threatening things, including the above, but he also International Space Station Fall on America. Hopefully the new man at the top of Roscosmos will do well: Yuri Borisov, who previously served as Putin’s deputy prime minister.

Joint flight

Now there seems to be an agreement with the Americans. NASA and Roscosmos’ first flight to the ISS will take place in September. Astronaut Frank Rubio then visits the station with cosmonauts Sergei Prokofiev and Dmitry Betlin. We hope the Russians will use the meter-long robotic arm we developed in the Netherlands.

It was previously stopped by bans, but who knows, there might be a way to continue it. All in the name of science, because, among other things, that’s what the 11-meter-long robot was created for. Let’s wait and see how those first joint space missions to the ISS go.

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