February 1, 2023

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The Kremlin fires anti-aircraft fire at buildings in Moscow

In Moscow, anti-aircraft guns were spotted on the roofs of buildings. What does the Kremlin want to say with this?

A few kilometers from the Kremlin, Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft guns were placed on the roofs of some buildings, including the Ministry of Defense. This is evident from the photos that are doing the rounds on social media. The missile system can shoot down combat aircraft, drones and missiles. Elsewhere, S-400 missile systems have been seen in Moscow. This air defense system can intercept aircraft.

Russian state media has yet to report on the defense systems in the power core, prompting speculation about the Kremlin’s intentions. Does Putin fear a Ukrainian attack after mysterious explosions in Crimea and at military airports across the border? According to official reports, the Ukrainian military is testing drones that can fly up to 1,000 km. That could put Moscow in the crosshairs.

Another theory is also making the rounds among military bloggers. Putin does not want to hedge against Ukraine, but against the rebel forces in his own country. According to Trent Tlenko, the Air Force plays a crucial role in the event of a military coup. Military analyst Peter Caddick-Adams also agrees with this theory.

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