April 1, 2023

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The largest vol. “Irregularities but also price volatility in Delhaize and it really is a bargain for the summer”

Every week your mailbox or mailbox is filled with pamphlets and offers. Lots of way to see the forest through the trees. What are the best deals and what are the catches. I check it weekly for you. This week is not only raining blows but also big discounts in Delhaize, I think it’s really a big deal for this summer and it’s also the perfect time to buy razors.

Chris Snake

Delhaize’s folder is full of “1+1 shows,” but the best ones are on the very last page© red

Things are not going well in Delhaize, social unrest and strikes, but you don’t notice it newsletter. Or are they on a witch attack? Whatever it was, in their folder it rains “one-plus-one actions”. It seems like there haven’t been many great shows in ages. The dessert is on the last page: “one plus two” on Sun dishwasher tablets. But is the work worth it? You’re still paying 19 cents apiece for lemon-scented tablets. At Bol.com, they have the same thing in a large quarterly box of at least 90 items. You can save 50 percent. However, you are paying 27 cents per tablet. Carrefour also sells these products and does not have any promotion on them. Cost: 59 cents each. No idea if this was a witch attack from Delhaize, but this promo sure is charming.

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Those with (adult) children and a garden or terrace can already make a deal for the spring or summer. bee Carrefour hyper, so not in the smaller Carrefour stores, there is a Smoby’s Theater in the promotion. You get €50 off, so you’ll pay €79 instead of €129. It already seems like a pretty good deal. But check if this is the case. Does this house without promotion really cost 129 euros?

At Hypercarrefour you get €50 off this stage until Monday 27 March© red

In Hubo I find it at this price, in Bol.com they ask even 158 euros for it. Lidl It also has a Smoby’s Theater in the brochure for €99.99, but that’s a different model and it still costs more than the promotion at Hypercarrefour that runs not only this week, but also next.

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Sometimes it seems that razors are made of pure gold, they are very expensive. This is why you should buy them when they are on promotion. Now there cruwidfat Gillette’s “two plus two” promotion, which means you’re still paying €3 apiece for Fusion5 blades, for example.

Kruidvat has a “two plus two” promotion on Gillette© red

And this is a little. Because the prices in Albert Heijn, Carrefour, Colruyt and Delhaize are around 5 euros apiece. Since Folder Eater naturally also has a female audience, I also checked Venus blade prices. And yes, the show is worth it to them, too.

Do I still read the manuals?

* Albert Hein

* Aldi

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* OK

* Fir tree

* match

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