June 5, 2023

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The last way to Qatar .. These countries are still competing for the remaining tickets for the World Cup |  World Cup preliminary round

The last way to Qatar .. These countries are still competing for the remaining tickets for the World Cup | World Cup preliminary round

In the coming hours and days, nearly half of the field for participants in the Qatar World Cup will be renewed. What is the situation on different continents? Who is still eligible and what needs to be done for it? Overview.

Europe (FIFA)

The 10 countries that finished second in their group of European qualifiers will get a second chance in the play-offs. This ten was supplemented with 2 “lucky losers” based on the final result in the Nations League.

still playing 3 tickets4 countries qualify for it.

path c Received the most attention in the lottery, because Italia And the Portugal The last two European champions finished. Everyone is dreaming of a clash between the two superpowers this Tuesday, but then they must first pass North Macedonia (for Italy) and Turkey (for Portugal).

Italy and Portugal have a home advantage in the semi-final match, and the ground advantage for the final will be withdrawn later.

at path b know with Poland He already reached the final 1, because the opponent Russia was expelled from the preliminary round. Poland will face the winner of the match between Sweden and the Czech Republic.

Conclusion Track AFinally, we only know in June. matches Ukraine It was suspended due to the war. Wales and Austria will already decide who gets to play in the final. That would be against Ukraine or Scotland.

Did Cristiano Ronaldo miss his last major tournament(?)?

South America (CONMEBOL)

The preliminary round of the World Cup in South America is traditionally a competition in which the ten nations play against each other twice. The top 4 He might go to the World Cup, number 5 should first play vaults against the dropout from Asia.

For Brazil and Argentina, the tension is already over, because they are back together again. Ecuador needs one more win in the remaining two games to be sure.

It could be a fourth card battle between Uruguay and Peru, although Chile and Colombia also have a theoretical chance. The latter two will have made their appearances earlier on the vaulting position.

Preliminary round of the World Cup in South America

17 round:

  • Uruguay – Peru
  • Colombia – Bolivia
  • Brazil – Chile
  • Paraguay – Ecuador
  • Argentina – Venezuela

Matches are held on Thursday and Friday.

18 round:

  • Peru – Paraguay
  • Venezuela – Colombia
  • Bolivia – Brazil
  • Chile – Uruguay
  • Ecuador – Argentina

Matches are played on Tuesdays (at night).

to put

M W J Fifth PTN
1. Brazil 15th 12 3 +27 39
2. Argentina 15th 10 5 +16 35
3. Ecuador 16 7 4 5 +10 25
4. Uruguay 16 6 4 6 -3 22
5. Peru 16 6 3 7 -4 21
6. Chili pepper 16 5 4 7 -1 19
7. Colombia 16 3 8 5 -3 17
8. Bolivia 16 4 3 9 -12 15th
9. Paraguay 16 2 7 7 -14 13
10. Venezuela 16 3 1 12 -16 10

The top four will qualify for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, while Group E will play playoff matches with a country from Asia.

Luis Suarez still has to fight to reach the World Cup.

North and Central America (CONCACAF)

In North and Central America 3 World Cup tickets for sure And earn one ticket to a jumping match. After several preliminary rounds, a final round was played with 8 teams.

11 of the 14 match days have already been completed and Canada He is almost eligible, only for the second time in his history. The United States of America And the Mexico In first place for the other two direct tickets.

The fight for the jump position (against the winner in Oceania) is likely to be a duel between Panama and Costa Rica.

It will be a crowded finale in CONCACAF, because in one week there are still 3 match days to be completed.

M W J Fifth PTN
1. Canada 11 7 4 19-5 25
2. United States of America 11 6 3 2 7-16 21
3. Mexico 11 6 3 2 8-14 21
4. Panama 11 5 2 4 14-13 17
5. Costa Rica 11 4 4 3 8-7 16
6. El Salvador 11 2 3 6 6-13 9
7. Jamaica 11 1 4 6 9-16 7
8. Honduras 11 3 8 5-22 3

Jonathan David is almost certain to win the World Cup with Canada.

Africa (CAF)

In Africa, the group stages have ended and are now decided in jumping matches (without return) 5 countries to the World Cup to be allowed to.

The most notable confrontation was between Senegal and Egypt, the re-release of the African Nations Cup this year and a duel between his Liverpool teammates Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah.

We also see familiar nations in other duels. Cameroon and Algeria have to fight each other, as Congo is trying for the first time since 1974 to qualify for the World Cup at the expense of Morocco. We also have Ghana, Nigeria, Mali and Tunisia.

African World Cup Leaps

  • Egypt – Senegal
  • Cameroon – Algeria
  • Ghana – Nigeria
  • Congo Kinshasa – Morocco
  • Mali – Tunisia

The first leg matches on Friday, the return matches on Tuesday.

Just like in the African Cup final, Salah and Mane will meet again.

Asia (AFC)

Asia has 4 World Cup tickets and 1 extra jumping spot (versus the number 5 in South America). 2 of these 4 tickets were sold out: Iran and South Korea finished in 1 and 2 of their group (although this demand can change).

In the other group, there was still some tension left in the last two days of playing. Australia, which switched from Oceania to the AFC a few years ago, is currently only third, but still plays against Saudi Arabia and Japan. These three countries still have it in their hands.

Those who fall on the side of the road still have their jumps in hand, although they first have to deal with the number 3 from the other group, presumably the UAE.

The second group in the preliminary round of the Asian World Cup

9 round:

  • Australia – Japan
  • China – Saudi Arabia

Thursday match

10 round:

  • Japan – Vietnam
  • Saudi Arabia – Australia

Tuesday’s match

M W J Fifth PTN
1. Kingdom Saudi Arabia 8 6 1 1 10-5 19
2. Japan 8 6 2 9-3 18
3. Australia 8 4 3 1 15-6 15th
4. Sultanate of Oman 8 2 2 4 8-10 8
5. China 8 1 2 5 8-16 5
6. Vietnam 8 1 7 7-17 3

Matthew Ryan threatens to take over Australia before the World Cup.

Oceania (OFC)

In Oceania they have to fight for only 1 jump placewhere they have to fight the number 4 in North and Central America to reach the World Cup.

The preliminary round for Oceania is held in tournament format, with all matches taking place in Qatar. New Zealand, Tahiti and Solomon Islands, the top favourites, have already qualified for the semi-finals. The last place is divided between Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

The final match will be held on Wednesday at the Grand Hamad Stadium in Doha.

Newcastle striker Chris Wood is the most famous New Zealand player.

I have already qualified for the World Cup in Qatar

  • Qatar
  • Iran
  • South Korea
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Croatia
  • Spain
  • Serbia
  • England
  • Switzerland
  • Holland

15 countries are already sure of their participation in the World Cup, another 17 will be added in the coming days/weeks.

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