December 7, 2023

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The latest version of Outlook forwards your emails and private data to Microsoft

The latest version of Outlook forwards your emails and private data to Microsoft

German company, which provides secure email services, is warning in strict terms about the latest version of Microsoft Outlook. German IT portal Heise Online had the headline “Microsoft steals access data” (English / German). According to, there is a lot going on. If Microsoft can achieve its goal, all Windows users will have to switch to the latest version of Microsoft Outlook. This new version of Outlook will initially replace the standard “Windows Mail” and will later also replace the popular version of Outlook in MS-Office. DMV Windows Update This new software is being rolled out to all Windows computers as a “Recommended App”.

source: Warning: New Outlook sends passwords, emails, and other data to Microsoft (German)
November 10, 2023

This new version of Outlook not only allows your email account’s IMAP and SMTP access data to be transferred to Microsoft, but emails in different mail folders can also be copied to Microsoft servers, even if you leave your mailbox in a completely different place. (Not affiliated with Microsoft) mailprovider Such as,,, or German (secure)

Anyone who agrees to “sync with Microsoft server” agrees to have all their data copied to Microsoft!

If you are in the new Mail client new account Microsoft offers a so-called security feature: non-Microsoft accounts can be “synced” to Microsoft cloud storage. This means that your login details (passwords) and copies of emails, calendars and contacts are then synced between your respective accounts. Email provider And Microsoft data centers.

Anyone reading this carefully will no doubt be confused. But we all know how easy it is to agree to supposed trifles without reading them, agree to lengthy, unread usage agreements in a second, and quickly click away from pop-up notifications, especially when installing new software. Therefore, many may allow themselves to be caught.

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It is noteworthy that Microsoft’s warnings and accompanying explanations may not be very clear, given the far-reaching consequences of granting permission here.
Only a limited group of users will realize that they are giving Microsoft broad access to passwords, email, and more.

Given the seriousness of the interference, reiterates in bold in its statement:

So, it’s clear again: Microsoft gets full access to your emails, calendars, and contacts!

The risk is not limited to Windows users only: according to, versions of Outlook for iOS, Mac, and even Android also exhibit the same behavior. strongly advises its customers not to use the new Outlook, regardless of whether it is for business or private use. There is a significant risk that sensitive personal data will be sent to Microsoft when you use it. This compromised data includes not only emails, but also calendar and contact information.

For business customers, storing (or should we say “transfer”?) personal data in this way (even if inadvertently) could constitute a breach of the GDPR and be subject to fines. After all, storing data in the Microsoft cloud legally constitutes data processing for which an explicit agreement must be concluded. Companies may also need to announce the existence of such agreements and practices and identify them as such in their data protection declarations and to the relevant regulators. It does not matter whether such data transfer was intentionally initiated by company management or was the result of uninformed consent of an individual employee.

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last Email client to use: A very popular one Email client It is Mozilla Thunderbird. This is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. This is easy to set up and, in my opinion, more user-friendly than Microsoft Outlook. It’s not burdened with bells and whistles that no one uses. However, it can be expanded to your own taste using: Extras. Thunderbird also uses an old-fashioned, logically organized style ProjectionBuilt-in menus and toolbars, instead of the ribbon or “”tape“.
For mobile devices, there are a number of different IMAP mail clients recommended, such as FairEmail, Bluemail, and K9-Mail (which will also be distributed under the Thunderbird brand in the future).

Use webmail: Through a web portal, accessible using a standard web browser, you can also quickly and easily access your email from around the world. No need for anyone then Mail client on your computer and Microsoft cannot access or copy your mail files without asking.

German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Ulrich Kelber, says he is concerned about this Description of the Mastodon social network He described the data collection as “worrying” and announced his intention to immediately address the issue at the European level through a data protection law next Tuesday.

Note that Microsoft uses OneDriveThe service also surreptitiously copies all files of uninformed computer users from the private computer to Microsoft servers.
If you install Windows 10 or 11, the same thing will happen OneDrive Installed. I see my uncles and aunts in my entourage who have no idea what to do OneDrive Serves exactly, but its files were quietly copied to Microsoft.

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It is important to keep in mind that the US government has usurped this right Unlimited access to all data worldwide They are stored in the data centers of North American companies.

source: press release (German)