June 2, 2023

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The leaked render of the “Titan RTX” is four thick PCI slots | hardware

Dirty video card requires two 16-pin power cables

written by Tom Kauwenberg op

YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead believes he’s found official offers for a so-called Titan RTX video card from Nvidia.

The mysterious video card in question has often passed through the Nvidia rumor mill. even before The first RTX 40 cards Unveiled, insiders claimed that Nvidia was working on at least an Ada Lovelace GPU 900 watts will work. It was said at the time that this would be Nvidia’s first proprietary card with 16-pin power connectors; The same pair also appears in these newer renderings.

in a latest video Moore’s Law over emphasizes that everything points to this being, in fact, a leak from Nvidia itself. The style and quality of the offerings seem to confirm this, though the “Titan RTX” denominator on the card appears to still be using Nvidia’s older line for this sort of thing. Since the RTX 40 generation, GeForce printed labels have gotten somewhat tighter on cards and boxes, so the releases are likely several months out of date.

However, the thing that stands out most about the Titan RTX models is clearly their size. The shots show how the stand on the back takes up at least four PCI slots (about 73.7mm thick), while the card itself with its cooling solution is barely thinner than that. For reference: Nvidia’s own RTX 4090 is about 61mm in thickness.

Previously leaked data points to a “full fat” variant of Nvidia’s AD102 chipset for this Titan RTX. The same chip is also used in current RTX 4090 GPUs, despite recent rumors claiming that Nvidia actually has the best chips from that series.Stay on handIn preparation for the RTX 4090 Ti is possible.

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It is still not clear if the Titan RTX will appear at all. Plans for the card may have moved to an RTX 4090 Ti, though the Titan RTX could launch next, as a faster (and probably more expensive, too) Ada Lovelace GPU.

Before that, Nvidia was more than busy with the re-unveiling of the RTX 4070 Ti, previously known as the RTX 4080 (12GB). This will most likely be your video card adapter Unveiled at CES 2023Release soon followed. Multiple rumors and leaks predict its appearance on January 5, 2023.