July 12, 2024

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The Lower AEX closed after a disappointing US job report

The Lower AEX closed after a disappointing US job report

Amsterdam (ANP) – The stock market AEX index in Amsterdam closed lower on Friday. Investors processed disappointing data on the US job market. Employment plays a key role in the Federal Reserve’s policy on the world’s largest economy. The biggest drop in the core code in PureSpleen 5 is Adien. Oil and gas group Shell oil prices rise.

The AEX ended with a loss of 0.7 percent at 772.05 points. Midcap was down 0.2 percent at 1044.44 points. Stock markets in Frankfurt and Paris lost as much as 0.6 percent. London won 0.3 percent.

Job growth in the United States was significantly lower than expected in September. The US Federal Reserve has announced that it plans to suspend its monthly bond purchase program by the end of this year. Analysts hope the central bank will continue the move despite the disappointing jobs report.


Adien hung below the AEX with a loss of 3.4 percent. Lighting company Signify struggled with a 2.6 percent minus. Chip funds ASMI, ASML and PES lost up to 3 percent. Shell was a strong climber with 2.1 percent. Oil companies in other parts of Europe also performed well. For example, British PP in London rose 2.5 percent and France’s Total Energy rose 1.5 percent in Paris.

In the midcap, fertilizer maker OCI topped the list with a 3.7 per cent price increase on the advice of Exxon BNP Baribas. The biggest slump in medium-sized funds on Tamrok is charging the Alphen station manufacturer with a loss of 2.7 percent.


In London, British Airways’ parent company IAG rose 1.6 percent. Investors have responded to the UK government’s decision to lift the UK entry ban for travelers from 47 countries. TUI was able to avoid the previous significant loss and closed slightly in green in Frankfurt. Earlier this week, the German travel agency announced that it wanted to raise 1. 1.1 billion by issuing new shares, which would be sold at a discount. Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, received a buy recommendation from UPS and raised it by 3 percent.

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The euro was $ 1,1572, up from $ 1,1565 a day earlier. U.S. oil prices rose 1.8 percent to $ 79.73 a barrel. Brent oil rose 1.3 percent to $ 83.05 a barrel.