June 10, 2023

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The Lutheran Academy Bach plays Mozart’s famous Requiem with a large number of choir members and orchestra in Akkerk Groningen

Mozart’s Requiem is a wonderfully impressive classical composition. It is his most famous line-up, with a large group of members for choir and orchestra.

More than 30 members take part in the orchestra: many strings, original basset horns, trombones and trumpets. In addition, the famous Schnitger organ is involved in Akerk in Groningen.

Sixteenth anniversary

The Lutheran Bach Academy has been around for sixteen years since its first performance in 2007. Unfortunately, the triple luster had to be moved in 2022 due to Corona. The Bach Academy is celebrating its illustrious year with liveliness this year with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Requiem.

Most loved part of the job

My favorite part of this business is lacrimosa. If you believe the famous Amadeus, Mozart wrote this Requiem on his deathbed, poisoned by Salieri. But in fact, this picture turned out to be incorrect. In fact, the Requiem remained unfinished when Mozart died in 1791.

He had received an anonymous dedication from Count von Walsig in memory of his wife. The Count himself wanted to be credited as a composer. Mozart’s pupil Susmayer finally completed the Requiem after Mozart’s death. But the opening notes of the penetrating Lacrimosa are Mozart’s notes. Mozart at his best.

The Bach Academy Project Singers have returned to their highest level after the Corona period of nearly two years. The choir is supported by an impressive cast of soloists: Griet de Geyter (soprano), Eske Tibben (alto), Twan van der Wolde (tenor), and Drew Santini (baritone). And of course we cannot forget the Baroque Orchestra, which raised its pitches to the classic 430 Hz especially for these works. An experience not to be missed!

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Thursday 4 May 21.00 Ekirk Groningen

Performers: Lutheran Bach Academy (project choir, soloists and baroque orchestra) conducted by Tymen Jan Bronda, Griet de Geyter (superrano), Eske Tibben (alto), Twan van der Wolde (tenor), Drew Santini (bass).

Maps and information via www.luthersbachensemble.nl