June 8, 2023

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The MacBook has a lot to offer, but it could all be better

Apple’s MacBook has a beautiful, elegant look and is packed with useful functions, but that doesn’t mean there are also some things that could be improved. Later this year, we’re expecting macOS 14 and hopefully the following features will return in this update.

It’s not certain, of course, that these functions will actually come to your MacBook, but they would be a fun addition to a laptop that fortunately already has a lot to offer. We’d love to see these features again.

MacBook: Here’s what we’re hoping for

Want to know what new functions we’d like to see on the MacBook. Here they come.

#1 Dynamic Island on MacBook

When the iPhone 14 Pro came out, we were surprised by the dynamic island. We certainly see an opportunity for Apple to offer something similar to the MacBook, and frankly we hope so too. The floating bubble at the top of the screen can keep you up to date with sports scores and other live notifications.

In addition, you can easily send a message without having to open the corresponding application. Ease of use for everything! And maybe the MacBook rocks the dynamic island better than your iPhone…

#2 Sync notification

You’ll get the same notifications on your iPhone, MacBook, and iPad and they won’t go away if you clear them away on one device. It is curious that Apple usually bets well on continuity, but it doesn’t do it for notifications.

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A fresh apple. (photo: Unsplash)

Moreover, it would be a good idea to automatically forward the notifications you receive on your iPhone to your MacBook. When you’re behind your laptop, you don’t want to constantly look away from your smartphone to see what notifications have arrived.

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#3 Training manager

The most annoying new feature on the MacBook right now is the Stage Manager. It does not work for meters. As far as we’re concerned, Apple should take a hard look at the competition. Microsoft works best with Windows when it comes to window management.

Multitasking on the MacBook doesn’t get any better with Stage Manager. Especially if you’re on multiple monitors, the feature is a complete disaster. You can’t simply move or stack windows quickly and efficiently. Hopefully, Apple will update Stage Manager in the near future so that multitasking is no longer a mockery.

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