March 30, 2023

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The major credit union of America starts with the services of Bitcoin

The major credit union of America starts with the services of Bitcoin

The largest lender in Idaho has been implementing Bitcoin in their online services. Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) customers can now buy and sell bitcoin in their online banking environment.

These services are the result of collaborations between ICCU, Alkami Technology and NYDIG.

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Alchemy offers a number of online banking environments for US banks. NYDIG focuses on the infrastructure for delivering bitcoin. They all make sure that ICCU customers can get started with Bitcoin.

ICCU is a state-owned mortgage lender in the United States, headquartered in Idaho. Note: This means that the Treasury Department of the State of Idaho is officially the Director of the ICCU.


In practice, hundreds of thousands of people in Idaho can start with Bitcoin right from their banking environment. Customers cannot currently withdraw bitcoin. Purchases and sales will be within the banking environment. Thus users are stuck in this system. Great for people starting out with BTC for the first time, but the more experienced bitcoiner will take it in their hands.

ICCU’s focus on customer experience and wide range of options has helped build its reputation as one of the nation’s leading credit unions, and its decision to implement Bitcoin services through the NYDIG and Alkami platforms will accelerate that growth, “said Patrick Sales, Chief Innovation Officer at NYDIG. Press release.

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