February 6, 2023

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The majority of people from Brabant want to take measures against the unvaccinated

The majority of people from Brabant want to take measures against the unvaccinated

1/1 The majority of people from Brabant want measures for unvaccinated people, in Tilburg opinions are divided.

The majority of people from Brabant (57 per cent) want special measures for corona against people who are not immune. This is evidenced by research into Corona’s trials, commissioned by the province.

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The vast majority supports specific measures against unvaccinated people, 26% oppose it exactly and 16% have no opinion. That’s while dissatisfaction among the unvaccinated is already high, according to the same study. 87 per cent of unvaccinated people in Brabant already feel discriminated against with their current Corona entry ticket.

There are still divisions on this issue in the House of Representatives, as it turned out on Monday. Therefore, the Cabinet will not continue to work on plans for the controversial 2G system for the time being, as only people who have been vaccinated or have recovered will have access to events and some catering establishments. Plans are on hold until January.

The poll was conducted among fellow counties for the tenth time since the start of Corona, this time in the week of November 8-12. The booster shot has become more and more popular since last time. Exactly 79 percent of Brabant vaccines want a third blow to corona.

In the previous measurement in September, that was still 68 percent. Researchers neither say nor know why this number is increasing. The rising infection numbers and new Corona measures are likely to play a role.

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Show in the graph what people think of Brabant about vaccination, or here In full screen mode:

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Residents of Brabant are most concerned about hospitals. Planned operations are currently being deferred to make room for corona pressure. 93 percent are concerned about this. Almost all Brabant residents are also concerned about the length of the epidemic (93 per cent) and the increase in tensions in the community (92 per cent). These concerns have also increased.

Check out Burners’ opinion of current metrics in the chart or here In full screen mode:

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Before search 2079 people from Brabant were questioned by the research agency Het PON & Telos. According to the agency, they were chosen representatively on the basis of gender, place of residence, age and educational level. The study is also an initiative of the Brabant Security Districts, various municipalities of the province and the GGDs.

Next Tuesday there will be another press conference on Corona measures. It can be watched live from 7am via Omroep Brabant’s website, app and TV.

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