March 30, 2023

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"The Masked Singer" turns into an international competition |  Instagram news VTM

“The Masked Singer” turns into an international competition | Instagram news VTM

TVThe film “The Masked Singer” has gone global. In the new competition “One World, One Masked Singer,” nominees from the local versions of the show will compete against each other in one global competition. to write “Variety”.

We have already conducted a song contest, where candidates from different European countries compete against each other in a singing competition. Now there is also an international competition in the style of “The Masked Singer”: “One World, One Masked Singer”. Nominees from local versions of “The Masked Singer” will compete against each other in hopes of being crowned “Universal Masked Singer Champion”. to write “Variety”.

Producer Craig Plestis said, “This project has been my dream since I realized ‘The Masked Singer’ would become a global phenomenon after the success of the American version. It can now be seen in over 56 countries. I can’t wait to collect the nominees from all of those releases and have them perform in brand new costumes.” In an epic competition that you will watch all over the world.”

“The Masked Singer” is originally a South Korean competition, which premiered on TV in 2015 as “King of Masked Singer”. So there are already 56 local versions. It has not been confirmed which countries will participate and where the competition will take place. Variety also mentions the Belgian version of “The Masked Singer” as one of the world’s most successful. The exhibition also records in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Poland and Sweden.