December 1, 2023

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The municipal council draws up the Gnevoix Contour Plan

The municipal council draws up the Gnevoix Contour Plan

Exactly one year after former Delta Commissioner Wim Kuijken advised on Gnevoek’s development possibilities, the Alphen aan den Rijn Municipal Council approved the Gnevoek Contour Plan on Thursday 12 October 2023 as a framework for further planning.

The contour plan contains answers to questions from the province of South Holland. For example, when the soil is suitable for construction; How and in what places the nature and water system can be improved and how the area can be made accessible for traffic. The municipality wrote this plan based on studies conducted by independent experts. The contour plan is now being submitted to the Regional Executive of South Holland.

Nature and living as an aspiration

Councilor Gerard van As (Residential) is pleased with this next step in the process. “More and more people want to live, work and play in Alphen aan den Rijn and the region. In recent years, the municipality has been able to meet the demand for new homes, workplaces and facilities within the city limits. But we are running out of space to continue doing so. That is why, in cooperation with… The government and market parties investigated whether Alphen aan den Rijn could continue development on the northwestern edge of the city in the reclaimed area of ​​Gnevoek, where nature improvement and city expansion could go together. This turned out to be true..


The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations indicated that the government contribution is appropriate for the development of Gnivoc. Once that is done and the county deems the quality of the plans is good, we can move forward. We will then develop the contour plan into a master plan for Genevoque. In it we describe, among other things, what kind of neighborhoods and houses will be built in Gnévoc, how the area will be accessible by public transport in the future, how a new nature can be created and how important the historical buildings are in and around it. The area will retain its status. What Gnephoek will look like in the future still needs to take shape.

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Patrick Goossen, Director of BPD, explains on behalf of the market fringes that in order to meet the huge need for affordable housing, it is imperative that we look at locations where construction can be done carefully on the ‘edges of the city’. “It is important that we do this taking into account nature and the environment, and also make room for the landscape in our designs. With the adoption of the Genevoque contour plan, an important step has been taken towards the comprehensive development of nature. In addition to paying attention to the quality of the landscape, we as market players have been able, together with Together with the municipality, it is possible to provide 60% affordable homes. These are homes in the social rental sector, but also the middle part which includes rental homes and owner-occupied homes.