December 4, 2022

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The Muziekids stroller for children was delivered to WKZ

The Muziekids stroller for children was delivered to WKZ


Keyboard, guitars, tambourine and many other instruments to compose music together

A trolley full of musical instruments and fun features kids can make music from their beds. This is the Muziekids cart on behalf of the Muziekids Foundation. On Tuesday, October 25, Jeroen van der Bom of the Foundation delivered the new trolley for children at Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital (WKZ).

Keyboard, guitars, tambourine and many other musical instruments to compose music together. Iwot Tweet, WKZ Children’s Theater Coordinator is excited: “Making music makes children happy. This will make you feel better in hospital quickly. Music is universal and for all ages and we can use it anywhere in our hospital!” During the official presentation of the Muziekids Trolley at WKZ, we saw happy children, And there was a cake and of course a live show by Jeroen van der Boom. “With this music cart from Muziekids, we hope the kids here at WKZ will forget they’re sick for a while,” he says.

And there’s more. The Muziekids wagon is the precursor to the permanent Muziekids Studio, a true studio space in WKZ with which Jeroen associates his name. A place where children can forget the lack of home for a while by listening to music. Or make your own, of course. Another permanent part of Muziekids is the use of a chariot with an a troubadour music, who visits the sections at WKZ every week. For now, every Monday, kids can sign up for this.

Vision Stichting Muziekids is to provide professional and inspiring studio Muziekids to all Dutch hospitals and healthcare institutions. Under professional guidance they can (learn) to play and listen to music. The distraction and fun they enjoy make their stay even more enjoyable.

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