September 28, 2022

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The new AMD Ryzen 7950X CPU is a 5.7GHz beast

The new AMD Ryzen 7950X CPU is a 5.7GHz beast

AMD recently unveiled four new gaming CPUs, but it has slightly changed its architecture in the products, so instead of having lower top-tier performance but more cores, the 7950X has higher clock speeds and more cores and threads than the 7900X.

At $699, it’s not cheap – but for performance it may be. With 16 cores and 32 threads, it targets both the high-end games and the creator market at the same time, with AMD claiming a 48% increase in Cinebench 23 and a 30% increase in Blender compared to the 5950X it replaces.

Compared to Intel 12900K – soon to be replaced by 13900K For good measure (according to AMD), AMD has a 23% advantage in Dota 2, the same performance in Borderlands 3, 62% advantage in V-Ray Render, and 36% advantage in The blender has a 41% advantage in CineBench R23. While Intel has been criticized for forcing more power with its 12th-generation CPUs rather than making them more efficient, AMD didn’t miss the opportunity to point out that the 7950X is 47% better when calculating performance per watt. However, it still has a 170W TDP.

It’s good to see new generations of CPUs that don’t consume more power, but have new technology.

New AMD Ryzen 7950X CPU At 5.7GHz

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