February 6, 2023

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The new Apple MacBook: flagship or not? What is the price increase we are talking about compared to the previous model? | MyGuide

TwickersWhen Apple introduced the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro in 2021, it was accompanied by great fanfare and big event. Things went a little differently with the 2023 models, which will be delivered from January 24th. A press release and a video on Apple’s own site only referred to the new models. Fairly or unfairly? To find out, let’s, Van Technology website TweakersApple sends us the most expensive MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen, M2 Max processor, 4TB of storage, and 96GB of RAM.

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Apple came up with two brand new laptops for the summer of 2021. The MacBook Pro 14 “and 16” differed from its predecessors in almost every way. Then it was presented: a new keyboard, more connections, a new screen and new processors, which no longer came from Intel, but from Apple itself. Although the change was big at the time, this update is very small. It’s rather a few changes to be up to date again.

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Was the MacBook Pro lagging behind? Yes and no. As far as the (unchanged) screen is concerned, the MacBook Pro is way ahead, especially when it comes to brightness and the HDR screen. The M1 Pro and Max processors, while now being upgraded, were by no means slow.

However, other things are starting to lag a bit. For example, we actually ran into Wi-Fi 6E network cards on almost all of our high-end laptops last year. You’re also seeing HDMI 2.1 more and more often, especially again on high-end laptops, a category the MacBook Pro undoubtedly belongs to. So it’s time to update so you don’t get left behind.

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The Apple MacBook Pro 2023. © Tweakers.be

The most significant change is of course in the M2 Pro and Max processors. The chipsets are faster at the CPU and GPU level, thanks to the extra cores, extra cache, and higher clock speeds. Compared to the M1 Max, the M2 Max is about 20 percent faster in the CPU area and 25 percent faster in the GPU area. Battery life has increased slightly and although the cooling does make a bit more noisy, it’s still very quiet for a laptop. For those who can use it, it’s great that you can now order a MacBook Pro with 96GB of RAM. The surcharges, as we are unfortunately used to, are very high and you cannot replace the hardware yourself.

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So Apple did a good update. Unfortunately, it did not become a “free” update and the suggested retail price for laptops was increased. The base 14″ and 16″ Pro models go up by €200, and more expensive configurations now cost €300 more. This probably won’t discourage enthusiasts and professionals from buying the new model. More price-conscious MacBook buyers might want to check if the previous version is now available at a good price, because while it’s a nice upgrade, the M2 isn’t a revolution.

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