July 16, 2024

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“The new JPL competition format: A big change is underway”

“The new JPL competition format: A big change is underway”

While the tension in the playoffs continues to build, there is still a lot of discussion going on in the background about what the competition will look like for next season. The Jupiler Pro League may then be given a new look.

In recent months, a lot of ink has been spilled about potential fixes that may soon be implemented on our competitors. Within the professional league, the topic remains the same The newspaper Certainly a particularly pressing topic at the moment.

Cancellation of half

Clubs will already agree that something needs to change. The halving of points in the qualifiers in particular is subject to strong criticism. If this determination remains unchanged, there seems to be a good chance that this artificial interference will eventually end.

Much to the satisfaction of Club Brugge president Bart Verhaeghe, who is in danger of losing the opportunity to cancel buy-out orders. On the other hand, his call to ease the calendar in order to achieve European success is heard.

Playoffs with four

To achieve this, some clubs simply wish to adjust the number of participants in the first PO from six to four clubs. According to the newspaper, there is already support for the new competition format from 25 to 26.

The top flight will still have 16 clubs, with only four teams in the Champions League qualifiers below the semi and two teams directly relegated without the qualifiers. A proposal that Blue-Black could agree to.

Controversy in the professional league

So we have to wait and see if it is also possible to determine the positions of other clubs: that is what we have to do. The newspaper However, there is still a lot of water out to sea. Then the matter in the sensitive file remains limited to two words.

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