December 4, 2022

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The new wind under Kompany is appreciated: ‘The fans were shocked by what the goalkeeper asked’ | Championship

Vincent Kompany had to introduce a new wind at Burnley and would keep his word four months after his appointment. “The Company has a clear vision and is not going to give it up immediately,” said Dan Black, Burnley observer of The Burnley Express. Report of a phone conversation that sounded familiar.

After 13 days of matches, Burnley are doing well in the Championship, England’s second tier. With 22 points on the counter, Vincent Kompany’s side are two points off the lead, shared by Sheffield United, Norwich and QPR.

Burnley’s first and only defeat this season dates back to two months before August 12 at Watford (1-0).

Not only are the results promising, it is an approach Vince Prince Blows at Turf Moor.

However, there were doubts about his appointment. Was it Kompany’s penchant for polished football and young players that he would capture in the physically demanding tournament?

“Burnley play dominant football and often have 60 or 70 per cent possession during their games,” said Dan Black of the Burnley Express. “The focus is on fast ball rotation and interaction. The break in the style that was announced has already been achieved.”

“The fact that Kompany was able to do it so quickly has also to do with the many conversions he was allowed to make himself.”

Burnley made 16 transfers indoors over the summer, including old acquaintances such as Josh Cullen, Manuel Benson, Vitino, Anas Zarrori and Samuel Bastian.

Burnley could have had a lot more points.

Dan Black – Burnley Express
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Three wins were lost after the 85th minute

Is everything going well after four months of Vincent Kompany? No, everything could be better. Especially if you are a perfectionist like the Kompany.

Burnley are two points off the lead with “only” 5 wins from 13 games, not even a half. Three times she won by goal difference.

“Being efficient in front of goal and keeping everything closed better at the end of matches are the action points,” says Dan Black. “Actually, Burnley could have gotten a lot more points.”

A goal after the 85th minute cost Burnley three wins this season. With an extra six points, Vincent Kompany was the proud captain’s coach at this point.

“There are nine matches left until the start of the World Cup, including matches against leaders Sheffield United and Norwich.”

“Vincent Kompany said he definitely wants to be in the top six before the break starts. That should be the basis for honing his vision further in the group.”

The moment the World Cup begins, Kompany wants to be in the top six with Burnley.

Dan Black – Burnley Express

Familiar letter

It stands out during the entire conversation with Dan Black. Much of what he says about Vincent Kompany’s early months sounds familiar since Kompany’s time in Anderlecht.


“At first, the Burnley fans were shocked by the way Kompany asked his goalkeeper to take care of the squad. The goalkeeper shouldn’t be shy about taking risks and that often caused tension at first.”

“Kompany has a clear vision and I don’t think he’s going to give it up right away. He really wants to do it his way.”

Company asks for patience. Trust the process And everything will be fine.”

When we point out to The Burnley Express that “confidence in the process” became a gimmick during Kompany’s tenure at Anderlecht, the nuances were for the British. “That way he only said it once as I remember, but it asks for time and patience.”

Four months later, everyone at Burnley was convinced Vincent Kompany was worth the time.