May 30, 2023

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The New York Times: Apple ends its collaboration with designer Jony Ive – IT Pro – News

Sort of like described in After Steve, a book about Apple a few months ago, the company is now run by logistics people. I expect a little good.

The cash position and current product range at Apple are very good, but without a vision at the helm of the company, I am wary of Apple’s future. Jony Ive certainly wasn’t a visionary, but he did well as a partner at Apple to keep design important.

Now a boring gray aunt is taking the lead, which is a shame, Tim is very good at logistics and production, and ideal as a COO but not as a CEO who should take a company in the direction of innovation and improvement, as Tim does. You haven’t succeeded in retaining Apple’s design and design talents.

You can also see that the design has been going the wrong way under Jony Ive, getting thinner and thinner, very few ports, the touch bar, aesthetically it looks very nice, functionally a lot less. To find a good balance in this, I needed Steve Jobs, who understood the job well and also designed and could find good combinations with the teams. Without such a person it is difficult, Tim gives everyone more freedom, see book after Steve, because he knows he can’t say anything about design. It will be difficult at Apple to find a balance between design versus technology.

But we’ll see, I hope I’m wrong.

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