December 1, 2022

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The number of corona patients in hospitals is increasing rapidly

The number of corona patients in hospitals is increasing rapidly

Since Friday, the number of coronavirus patients in Dutch hospitals has increased by 146. Currently, 842 patients with Covid-19 have been admitted, 44 of whom are in intensive care, it said. The numbers are published on Monday National Coordination Center for Patient Distribution (LCPS). According to the ANP news agency, this is the highest total number in two months and the largest increase in the number of Corona patients in one weekend since March 14 this year.

The number of infections and corona patients admitted has now risen about three weeks ago, after the virus faded into the background for several months – except for the peak at the end of July. Within two weeks, the number of patients testing positive in hospitals increased by just over 80 percent. last week tuesday The National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) spoke about “Maybe the beginning of the expected fall wave of the Covid virus.”

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lower outside temperatures

RIVM President Jaap van Diesel said in the House of Representatives on Wednesday that new measures to prevent the spread are not necessary at this time. According to Van Dissel, the recovery in the number of infections was mainly due to lower outside temperatures and was translated only to a limited extent into an increase in hospitalizations and the intensive care unit. He warned at the time that this did not mean “next week could not be different”. At the moment Van Dissel has not told us if the latest registration numbers require him to give different advice.

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The LCPS does not distinguish between people who have been admitted because of their coronavirus complaints and patients with other health conditions who have also been infected. According to the ANP news agency, RIVM is doing and also seeing an increase in hospitalizations as a result of the coronavirus.