February 26, 2024

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The number of fatal cycling accidents is increasing: with these 4 items you’ll be better protected on the road |  MyGuide

The number of fatal cycling accidents is increasing: with these 4 items you’ll be better protected on the road | MyGuide

HLN StoreMore and more people choose the (electric) bike to commute easily and quickly. Unfortunately, the flip side of this growing popularity can be seen in the Vias Institute’s road safety barometer, based on figures from the Federal Police: never before have there been so many fatal accidents involving cyclists in our country. To put an end to this sad trend, he shed light HLN Store Four elements that improve safety on the bike.

Strong and visible helmet

A helmet for a cyclist is like a seatbelt for a driver. So your first reaction when you take your two-wheeler out of the shed should be to put your bike helmet on. Although this protection is not mandatory for most cyclists, a helmet can significantly reduce impact during a potential accident if you choose an appropriate model and install it properly.

If you ride a pedalo, a modified bike helmet is always mandatory. Go for maximum visibility with one in an eye-catching color and if possible, built-in LED lighting.

Stand out in traffic? With our fluorescent yellow LED bike helmet, no one can ignore you (temporarily at a reduced price).

Minerva city cycling helmet. © HLN Shop

Useful bike light

Did your bike headlight battery suddenly fail and you don’t have a replacement on hand? Or do you swear by the idea of ​​having to double tap the pedal to let a heavyweight dynamo do its thing? The intelligent lighting system eliminates these problems in one fell swoop by using magnetic energy.

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You can easily place this contemporary bike light on your handlebars or on the frame next to your wheel, while you attach a second component to your spokes. While cycling, the light itself generates electricity for lighting, without the need to pedal harder or need batteries. When you are stationary, the backup light will continue to flash for 2 minutes. This way you are clearly visible to other road users at all times.

advice: Here you can buy this bike light with magnetic energy.

Relite bike light.
Relite bike light. © Relite

On track using bike GPS

As a cyclist, you have to keep your attention on the road at all times. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use your smartphone while cycling and there are heavy fines for violating this law. In order not to get lost, you can therefore use a bicycle GPS.

The Mio Cyclo 215 is ideal for the recreational cyclist who loves adventure. Surprise Me always gives you 3 different routes, so you don’t always travel the same route. Thanks to the interval training function, you can also keep track of your interval sessions with this cycling navigation system. You determine the number of sessions, intense minutes and rest moments and thus work on your condition.

convinced? Take a closer look at this useful tool via this link (temporarily at a reduced price).

Mio Cyclo 215 Europe.
Mio Cyclo 215 Europe. © Cool Blue

Beware of the hidden danger

Finally, in traffic it’s also important to know what’s going on behind you. But constantly looking back while cycling isn’t of course helpful for safety, and that’s where a bike mirror comes into the picture.

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Certainly for those who are making good progress on an e-bike or pedalo, the rear-view mirror you mount to your handlebars is not an unnecessary luxury. Significantly increases safety when turning or overtaking.

Do you want to be seen, but also see everything for yourself? Check out the bike mirror below at HLN Store now.

LYNX bike mirror.
LYNX bike mirror. © HLN Shop

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