September 24, 2022

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The number of new cases of corona is no longer decreasing in the Netherlands |  Abroad

The number of new cases of corona is no longer decreasing in the Netherlands | Abroad

The decline in the number of positive coronavirus tests in the Netherlands has ended. In the past seven days, 7,856 infections were confirmed and recorded. This is 1.6 percent more than the previous week. For the first time since July 16, more than seven weeks ago, the number of cases rose on a weekly basis.

According to the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), the flow to hospitals will continue to decline for now. Corona complaints from 179 people were so bad last week that they had to be hospitalized. This is more than thirty percent less than the previous week. Then (after correction) 259 people were admitted due to the consequences of contracting the coronavirus.

The test streets of the municipal health services are getting a little busier. They conducted 10,731 coronavirus tests last week, compared to 10,372 the previous week. Of those examinations conducted last week, 59.7% revealed an infection. For the first time since June 5, it was less than 60 percent.


One of the new sub-variants of the coronavirus, called BA.2.75 or Centaurus, is slightly more common. It has now been diagnosed in fourteen people in the Netherlands. Centaurus may become dominant in October, the RIVM calculates, but that’s still highly uncertain. RIVM is also unable to estimate whether the number of infections will increase again. Centaurus is slightly different from the other variants and can therefore better circumvent our defenses, but it doesn’t seem to make people sicker.

Between yesterday morning and this morning, RIVM recorded 1,453 positive tests. This is the highest number since August 17. There are now 469 people with corona in hospitals. That number has fluctuated around 450 since last week, and of the 469 people who have tested positive for the virus, 27 are receiving intensive care. This is the lowest number since June 24.

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