March 30, 2023

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The old timer check is more in line with reality |  to cut

The old timer check is more in line with reality | to cut

The old timer report will be presented next fall, which will include modifications to the vehicle. After all, often old timers are no longer completely original, because some spare parts are no longer available or because manufacturers are no longer there.

Transfers that can be considered safe will now be reported by the inspection center. This is then part of the inspection certificate.

“The main need was for more clarity and better instructions,” Peters says. “There is some resentment among owners of old grades about some ambiguity in the current regulations and how they are applied in the inspection centers. That is why I started a procedure with all stakeholders to come up with a clearer and more standardized framework. Especially for vehicles that are no longer fully original.”

In addition, there will also be an exemption from periodic inspection for vehicles older than 1926 and older vehicles from prior to June 15, 1968 no longer needing to provide certificates if the date of renewals is prior to the introduction of the Old Timer Inspection in 2018.

More than 115,000 classic cars have been registered in Flanders.

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