January 29, 2023

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The Omigron variant dominates the United States, President Joe Biden's speech on Tuesday

The Omigron variant dominates the United States, President Joe Biden’s speech on Tuesday


The omigran variant of the corona virus is now the dominant variant in the United States. The U.S. Health Service CDC said this on Monday based on data from last week. At present, the Omigran variant is involved in almost three-quarters (73%) of infections in the country.

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In the northwestern states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho, about 96 percent of new cases involve omigran.

In addition, the state of Texas on Monday announced the first known death in the United States as a result of variable corona infection.

Hard winter

Well-known American virologist Anthony Fassi warned of a severe winter in the United States due to a new variation in a television interview Sunday evening. “If things continue as we think now, in two weeks our hospitals will be under a lot of pressure,” Fauzi told NBC News.

US President Joe Biden is scheduled to address the House on Tuesday. He is expected to invite the American people to be vaccinated and tested. A spokesman said Biden had no plans to lock up the country. However, the president will take other action. Self-tests should be more accessible, for example.

The Omicon variant was first discovered earlier this month in the state of California by a traveler returning from South Africa on November 22nd. By December 5, a third of the U.S. states had already identified the variance.

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