September 30, 2023

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The original ways to use GoPro

The original ways to use GoPro

You can use your smartphone in many ways, but there are times when it is best to keep it in your pocket and opt for an action cam. These cameras are more stable, they can withstand water well and due to their small shapes they can be used for many purposes. Whether you choose a GoPro, a file Osmo Action Or another action cam brand: With these ways, you can create original videos that you couldn’t make so quickly with a smartphone.

In the car

You can also use the action cam to… parking actions of others. If someone parks their car in your car, you’ll have that on “the band” thanks to your GoPro. It wasn’t made to live a life as a dashcam, but it’s definitely an option. You can also only turn it on while you’re driving, so you have a picture when an accident happens for example. The added advantage is that these cameras are so powerful that even in the event of an accident to your car, it probably won’t get hurt.

in your aquarium

You can attach an action cam yourself, but what if you put it on a string or stick and lowered it into an aquarium? This way you can see the fish up close and capture the brilliance of the scales perfectly by the light. Just like diving by yourself. Perfect for making a screen saver for your computer.

on your pet

Do you want to know what your dog does all day? make GoPro on his collar and you know it. Do this only if he does not mind, because not every pet is waiting for such a bar or weight. You can make very funny shots from a first person perspective, so you live life as your dog does: from his point of view. Unfortunately, we don’t know what he’s thinking, but at least we know where he sticks his nose in: although the caveat is part of that, as that will regularly produce very unpleasant images.

During winter sports

Whether you’re a snowboarder or snowboarder, what if you strapped your action cam to your head? Professionals already do it, but even if you don’t necessarily take every half a tube, recordings with this action cam still look amazing. This is because there is a lot of movement in it and the white snow creates speed quickly. Even better, your smartphone can mount the GoPro and facilitate even the most difficult movements. Well, unless you’re tough on your face of course: The camera doesn’t lie.

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