July 25, 2024

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The PC market continues to grow steadily, but the best is yet to come

The PC market continues to grow steadily, but the best is yet to come

After a tough few years, things are looking good again for PC farmers: New PC sales are up five percent. And the outlook for 2025 is even better.

Canales He sees a positive outlook for the PC industry. After a strong first quarter, in which births rose by five percent, the analyst agency expects the positive growth trend to resume. This quarter will be the status quo for some time, but Canalys expects growth of eight percent by 2025. The SME sector plays a significant role in this growth, with a nine percent increase.

A small note about Canalys’ analysis: The forecast focuses on the US market. Overall, relations in Europe are not shockingly different from those across the Atlantic.

Windows Update

Canalys sees two reasons why the PC industry is facing at least another year and a half. As you may have heard, commercial support for Windows 10 ends in October 2025. The impact of that looming deadline is limited even before then, but it could lead to a rush to buy new PCs next year. Windows business users can still opt to extend support for three years for a fee.

What about artificial intelligence?

The second development in the PC industry is artificial intelligence. The first batch of Copilot Plus computers with Qualcomm X chips were released this month. Although after reviewing the Surface 7 laptops we concluded that AI features offer only limited added value at the moment, Canalys expects the hype to definitely make itself felt in the PC industry.

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So the immediate future looks good for PC manufacturers. After the COVID-19 boom of 2020 and 2021, the industry has seen some of its toughest years as sales have again fallen sharply quarter after quarter. There was an urgent need for new momentum and Microsoft has provided that need.

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