June 2, 2023

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The Pentagon: The Russians no longer have complete control over Kherson |  Ukraine and Russia war

The Pentagon: The Russians no longer have complete control over Kherson | Ukraine and Russia war

A senior Pentagon official has said that Russia will no longer have full control of the strategically important port city of Kherson in southern Ukraine. Kherson was the first major city captured by the Russians in their conquest, but Ukraine is said to be pushing the Russian forces back. Russia denies this report.

“Disputed territories,” the senior official called Kherson during a briefing, but Russia disagrees. Russian Major General Sergei Rudskoy – head of the Operations Directorate of the Russian Army’s General Staff – says the Kherson region is “under complete control”.

However, if Ukrainian forces succeed in retaking Kherson, it will be a huge blow to Russian President Vladimir Putin. A Pentagon employee said that would make it difficult to control the Ukrainian coast on the Black Sea and the port city of Odessa. It will also not be useful to the Russian forces currently fighting in Mykolaiv.

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Kherson has been observed several times in recent weeks by the protest of the population against the Russian occupier. They were not shy about expressing their displeasure en masse.

However, Russia continues to launch air strikes on Ukrainian cities. Putin also called the troops currently stationed in Georgia.

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Nor will things go well with the Russian ground forces in Kyiv. There they will now have taken a “defensive posture”. They will also stop trying to snatch the city off the ground.

Recall: Rudskoy said today that Russian forces will shift their focus to the eastern regions of Ukraine. According to the Pentagon, the Russians clearly overestimated their power.

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Russian forces open fire on civilians in Kherson: photos show people scattered in terror

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