July 21, 2024

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The Pope warns that uniformity in the Church is deadly

The Pope warns that uniformity in the Church is deadly

Pope Francis On April 29, it met with participants in the general classes from two groups: Brothers of Saint Gabriel And the Children of Canosic Love.

The Pope said that “divine providence” had given the Brothers of Saint Gabriel “a rich international diversity.” He asked them to “share this diversity among themselves and with everyone.”

“This is an important message, especially in our world, which is often divided by selfishness and privacy: diversity is a gift to be shared, and diversity is a precious gift!” Be prophets of this in your lives.”

“Consistency in a religious institution, in a diocese, in a secular group, is fatal!” Diversity in harmony makes you grow.

Because “the one who brings harmony to diversity is the Holy Spirit, who is the master of harmony.”

The Canosian Sons of Charity shared with Pope Francis the theme of their missionary work: “He who does not burn cannot start a fire.” The Pope encouraged them to remain motivated.

“It saddens me when I see religious brothers and sisters who look more like firefighters than fiery men and women setting fires. Please don't become a firefighter! We already have enough of that.

source: Read Pope Francis's full speech (English)

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