December 7, 2023

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The popular Birkin handbag is updated (and you can wear it three different ways) |  Nina

The popular Birkin handbag is updated (and you can wear it three different ways) | Nina

The world’s most famous handbag got a new look. Or rather: the inside has been tampered with. The latest edition of the iconic ‘Birkin Bag’ offers great added value. It has a removable pocket square so you can wear the bag in three different ways. As a handle, as a tote bag or rather a classic? For a large amount of money you can choose yourself.

The history behind it is almost as well known as the handbag itself. British actress Jane Birkin reportedly boarded a plane from Paris to London in 1984. When she sat down, her handbag fell and everything rolled to the ground. Then she complained to her neighbour: How difficult it was to find a suitable and large overnight bag that fit all her belongings. Coincidentally, she was talking to Jean-Louis Dumas, at the time CEO of the fashion company Hermès. The two started brainstorming about a new design, etc. For example, the first-ever design of a “Birkin bag” was drawn on an airplane vomit bag.


Since then, the bag has become a timeless classic, and is still high on the wish list of many women today. This fall, Hermès is introducing a new twist on its masterpiece and releasing “Birkin 3-in-1”.

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“The new edition is built like a puzzle,” Catherine Volkonis, director of leather at Hermes, told New York Times Style Magazine. “One bag, two items, three ways to use it: It can be a tote, a handbag or you can choose a classic tote.” Kind of a multifunctional trompe l’oeil, as it were.

In short, you have a leather case with a removable interior. If you wear the two separately, you have a spacious bag that fits your laptop and a handbag that you have to carry in your hand. When the bags are attached together, you have a replica of the classic Birkin bag. So three in one. But: for what, belongs to what. You have to pay a lot of money for this innovation. About 14,000 euros, to be exact. Connected Asked in stores.

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