July 21, 2024

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The Red Devils booked an economical training victory over Montenegro thanks to goals from De Bruyne and Trossard

The Red Devils booked an economical training victory over Montenegro thanks to goals from De Bruyne and Trossard


the black Mountain

  1. 44′ – Goal – Kevin De Bruyne (1 – 0)
  1. 61′ – Continue. Dryton Camaj by Vladimir Jovovich
  2. 61′ – Continue. Edvin Cook by Marko Bakic
  3. 63′ – Yellow – Milos Brnovich
  4. 71′ – continued. Marko Vucevic by Marko Vucevic
  5. 71′ – continued. Stefan Jovetic by Nebojsa Kosovic
  6. 86′ – Continue. Nikola Krstovic by Stefan Mojosa
  7. 86′ – Continue. Milutin Osmajić by Dusan Bakić
  8. 88′ – Yellow 2 – Milos Brnovich
  9. 90+2′ – Yellow – Stefan Mujosa
  10. 90+3′ – Penalty goal – Leandro Trossard (2 – 0)

Friendly (Men) – Round 1 – 05/06/24 – 20:35

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Kevin De Bruyne


Kevin De Bruyne

1 – 0


Leandro Trossard


Leandro Trossard

2 – 0

Fortunately, there was still the Kevin De Bruyne jubilee. In a colorless training match against Montenegro, the captain – who celebrated in advance his 100th cap – scored the only goal for a long time. The first half bonus was full of chances, although there was nothing to be done after the break. Trossard made it 2-0 after a late penalty – and some discussion with Obinda.

Belgium – Montenegro in brief:

  1. Key moment

    Shortly before half-time, the Belgians’ clear dominance was rewarded. Sarkic is only able to prevent Obinda from capitalizing on a dramatic back pass, but inadvertently provides a perfect assist for De Bruyne, who fires the ball into the empty net from distance.

  2. Man of the match

    Before the match, Kevin De Bruyne was widely feted for his 100th appearance and was allowed to celebrate with his wife and children. They saw their hero excel in the first half, scoring his 27th international goal as the icing on the cake. A wonderful return after an absence of more than a year from the national team.

  3. distinct

    Immediately before the referee’s whistle, a penalty kick for the Red Devils influenced the victory. Obinda really wanted to take the penalty, but he was not allowed to. The incident was forgotten during the goal celebration.

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A great match on the anniversary of De Bruyne’s coronation

A training match against lowly Montenegro, No. 70 in the FIFA rankings, and a European Championship that has not yet come to life among Belgian football fans. Put those two together and you get a King Baudouin Stadium that’s not even half full. This saw how national coach Domenico Tedesco came up with an experimental team.

Lukaku wasn’t even in the lineup, and it’s surprising that Cade Witsel is back on the bench. In the starting line-up: New signing De Cuyper, Vermeeren, Obinda and De Bruyne’s jubilee, who celebrated his 100th cap after a year out with the Red Devils.

The Red Devils immediately set the tone and pushed the weakened Montenegro back. In particular, Carrasco increased the chances and twice came close to 1-0, but Sarkic saved the visitors every time.

The Belgians continued to miss opportunities. De Bruyne provided the assist and Opinda should have used it shortly before half-time, but only Sarkic did not put the ball past the Montenegrin star.

Shortly before half-time it was a hit. After a hospital ball from Cook, Sarkic was too quick in the oncoming encounter with Obinda, but slipped the ball into Kevin De Bruyne’s feet. He eagerly opened the gift in his 100th game and slotted the ball into the empty net from long range.

Trossard shines in a weak second half

No less than six changes after half-time for the Red Devils, including Witsel who was allowed to return. The many changes did not benefit the demons. Montenegro came out of the dressing room sharper and suddenly created chances.

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From the attacking wealth of the first half, there was little left for the Belgians in the second half. De Cuyper underscored his uncomplicated debut with a brilliant long drive, but once again Sarkic threw a wrench into the works.

The Red Devils got away on the hour mark when Osmajic beat Witsel, but Casteels managed to prevent the equalizer with an excellent save. Even after that, the visitors continued to fire shots, while things went smoothly, especially for the Belgians.

Montenegro found itself in 10th place in the final stage after Brnovic was disqualified. In extra time, the ball hit the penalty area for the Red Devils after a clear foul on Doku. Leandro Trossard successfully converted the penalty kick.

And so mission accomplished. On Saturday, the Belgians can gain more confidence in the European Championship in the first leg against Luxembourg.

Stage after stage

Belgium wins the penultimate training race

A convincing first half and a weak second half is the best way to summarize the Red Devils’ performance. It turned out that this was enough to overcome the humble Montenegro. De Bruyne’s Jubilee opened the scoreline shortly before half-time, and then Trossard put the icing on the cake with a penalty before the final whistle.


Dooku’s dribbling moves still produce results! He set up a one-two with Trossard and was just dropped by Bakic. Referee Carlson has no doubt: penalty!

An additional two minutes will be added.

Montenegro with ten

Brnovic was too late in his intervention on Vermeeren. He received a more than deserved second yellow card. Montenegro must complete the final stage with ten of them.

Dooku stumbles

Dooku’s actions tonight usually end in failure. He cuts the ball sharply in the 16th minute, but collides with an excellent tackle from Rubisic.

Castagne forces another corner for the Red Devils, but it does not lead to a chance. The game drags a bit towards the end. Montenegro also no longer insists.

The second half is weak

The few spectators who came to the King Baudouin Stadium were able to enjoy the Red Devils’ strong first half, but after half-time the absentees were right on track. There is still little excitement in the game, and it is difficult for the Belgians to achieve anything offensively.