August 9, 2022

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The residents of "Big Brother" are immediately joined by an additional secret participant: Schlager singer Kristof

The residents of “Big Brother” are immediately joined by an additional secret participant: Schlager singer Kristof

An unpredictable season, the makers of “Big Brother” promised. They kept their word from the start. Not eight, but nine participants entered the house on Monday evening. The Alternate White Rabbit is 30-year-old Schlager singer Kristof.

Four Belgians and four Dutch nationals have already been announced as the first candidates for Big Brother 2022. But on their first night at home, they were immediately surprised: upon their arrival, a ninth player was waiting for them in the diary room.

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The “newcomer” is also Belgian. 30-year-old Kristof from Stabroek has to take care of the ‘joyful observation’ in Big brother-House. Kristof is one of the best former athletes who practiced judo at a high level. He is still involved in the sport on a daily basis and according to the makers could go far thanks to his winning mentality and perseverance.

But Kristof has another passion: Schlager’s music. He wants to create the right atmosphere, literally and figuratively. “I always try to leave my positive mark behind,” says Kristof.

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Broadcasters Peter van de Veer and Geraldine Kemper have kicked off the new season of Big brother Underway. Just like last year, the reality game can be watched daily on Play4. You can follow the live broadcast on the new channel Play247 and via GoPlay.


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