September 28, 2022

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The return of Delphine LeCompte and the killer basketball by Jean-Marc Moema: This was the 'world's smartest man'

The return of Delphine LeCompte and the killer basketball by Jean-Marc Moema: This was the ‘world’s smartest man’

Great fun again, right there in the studio of “The Smartest Person in the World”. Poet Delphine LeCompte returned to the quiz which, in her words, was “the worst thing that ever happened to her”. Nevertheless, she showed herself as a strong player, although it was basketball player Jean-Marc Moema who stole the show in one of the films.

Wout Desmytere

Tonight’s winner:

Delphine Lecombet made up for a lot of wasted seconds in the final laps, thus crowning himself with victory in the evening.


Unlike last time, Gert Verholst made a short pass this time. Jonas Geirnaert played Studio 100’s home trainer with two good answers about Oedipus.

Tomorrow night’s newcomer:

Boris van Severen, actor from GR5 And the good year.

Best quotes:

Van Lowe: “Do any of you have a relationship with LEP? Laughs, eats, shits?”

Philip Goebbels: I have been married for twenty years. With me silence, drink and masturbate.”


Van Lowe: “Dolphin, what animal do you see inside me?”

Lycompti: “A polar fox. Disarmament and near-extinction”.


Van Lowe: “Have you chosen songs for your funeral yet?”

Jubilees: “I’m busy with more pressing matters, Eric. Picking out songs for your funeral.”

Van Lowe: “But do you really want to know which number you chose?”

Jubilees: “We’ll hear back next week.”

The most beautiful moment:

Basketball player and former nominee Jean-Marc Moema is not playing, but thankfully it’s still the Open Door Tour. Mwema proudly showed off the first images from his Hollywood debut, a spy thriller in which he directed a villainous basketball villain. My name is Moima. Jean-Marc Moema (duo)

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1 Jonas Gernert (4 episodes)

2 Gert Fairholst (2 episodes)

3 Ella Laers (2 episodes)

4 Delphine Lecompte (2 episodes)

5 Jerome (1 episode)