April 1, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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The Return Ommelebom Festival at the Geert Teis Theater in Stadskanaal presents many happy faces. “We are very satisfied and very proud too”

The decision of the theater staff Geert Teese to revive the Ommilibohm Festival after 30 years was warmly received. All 400 tickets available were sold out in a short time and the enthusiasm was such that the festival could easily have been expanded with two more events.

The children were able to learn about theater in a playful way on Saturday afternoon. There really was so much to do from the disco in the tech room to the chocolate workshop and from face painting to playing with lego. and more.

Wolf hunting

Moreover, boys and girls can take part in a fox hunt in co-operation with cheerfully dressed members of the UDI Theater Society. The joyful meeting ended with a dazzling magic show in the big theater hall.

I forgot the key

The Ommiliboum Festival was inaugurated by Mayor Claas Slots. He arrived in a beautiful carriage, while atmospheric music played. There was a moment of panic when it turned out that the mayor had forgotten to bring the key to the door. Fortunately, there was a balloon artist. He made a key on the spot, after which the children could still enter the theater.

Very satisfied and very very proud

“The Ommiliboum Festival was part of the National Theatre’s Weekend,” says Jasper Stute of the Geert Teese Theatre. “We are very satisfied and very proud too. Just look at all those happy faces of these children. This is what you do for it. There will be another Ommiliboom next year, for sure!”