December 6, 2022

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The sale of wooden benches from north of Brussels is closed

The sale of wooden benches from north of Brussels is closed

RotorDC, which removed the wooden benches at the Brussels North station and offered them for sale at the request of NMBS, has suspended that sale for some time. The company is waiting for public debate and says it’s not too late to bring the banks back.

Rotor Deconstruction, a cooperative in Brussels that recovers building materials and furniture from old buildings, was responsible for collecting and selling the benches. The company believes that “our opinion is usually not relevant in such appointments”. “But we support the call to bring the banks back to Brussels-North.” RotorDC explains that the dismantling was at the request of NMBS.

We want to make it clear that 40 percent of the benches are still in North Station. 30% of it is in our warehouse. Other seats have already been collected or delivered.

The company wants to make a nod to the 30 percent of the banks in its warehouse. “Without additional costs.” The company says the leaving banks are “difficult to recover”, but it is willing to negotiate with buyers to return the banks “in exchange for a certain compensation”. RotorDC has calculated the cost of this for NMBS. This amount has already been passed.

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