February 9, 2023

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“The saleswoman at the animal market in Wuhan was the first to be infected...

“The saleswoman at the animal market in Wuhan was the first to be infected…

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The first case of corona occurred in a saleswoman at the animal market in the Chinese city of Wuhan. This was stated in a scientific article published by Canadian virologist Michael Worubi in the journal Science. Remarkably, it dates the first infection a few days after the date of the World Health Organization.

Source: Belgian

The World Health Organization, in its own investigation, reported that the first infection with the virus occurred in a man who had never been to an animal market in Wuhan. But Worobey contradicts this finding. According to him, there is “conclusive evidence” for the hypothesis of an animal origin for the virus. A saleswoman who worked in the market is seen as ‘Sick Zero’.

For his research, Worobey analyzed reports submitted by two hospitals, even before issuing a warning. These cases are either related to the animal market or are geographically concentrated around that market.

“In a city of 11 million people, half of the first cases are associated with a place the size of a football field,” Michael Worby said in an interview with The New York Times. It would be very difficult to explain this pattern if the epidemic did not start in that market.

The history of the World Health Organization was wrong

Worobey also states that a person who fell ill on December 8, 2019, according to a WHO report, will not actually get sick until eight days later. The saleswoman who fell ill on December 11th may be the first Covid patient.

Peter Daszak, one of the scientists involved in the WHO investigation, backed up Worubi’s findings in response to the New York Times. It appears that “the 8th of December date was a mistake”.

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