June 8, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

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The shopping cart is already 20 percent more expensive

Prices at the supermarket continue to rise: a shopping cart became an average of 20 percent (19.67 percent) more expensive in December than a year ago. This was calculated by Testaankoop, who spoke of “the highest inflation rate she’s ever seen”. In November, the price increase was still 18.11 percent.

The consumer organization regularly compares about 3,000 products in seven supermarket chains to last year’s prices. A family of two now pays an average of 497 euros per month at the supermarket, or 82 euros more than a year ago.

General inflation in Belgium is declining, says Testaankoop, but food product prices continue to rise.


The biggest spikes in the consumer organization’s cart last month were spaghetti (+53%), frozen french fries (+50%), aluminum foil (+47%), and stationery (such as kitchen paper, toilet paper, and napkins; +46%). and frying oil (43%). Frozen products also seem to be significantly more expensive now. On average, they cost 23% more than they did a year ago. Dairy products are generally 27% more expensive, with peaks for young (gouda) cheese (+41%), butter (+38%) and semi-skimmed milk (+30%). On the other hand, eggs have become 29% more expensive on average.

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